Good Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    01. Good Time
    02. Bail Bonds
    03. 6th Floor
    04. Hospital Escape / Access-A-Ride
    05. Ray Wakes Up
    06. Entry To White Castle
    07. Flashback
    08. Adventurers
    09. Romance Apocalypse
    10. The Acid Hits
    11. Leaving The Park
    12. Connie
    13. The Pure and the Damned featuring Iggy Pop
“This is Oneohtrix Point Never on highest alert” – Q Magazine
“Ominous, otherworldly electronica [...] a relentless, driving cacophony that yields only in the film’s final moments” – Vogue
”The futurist grandeur of Brad Fiedel’s Terminator soundtrack, heavy shades of John Carpenter and Alan Howarth’s malevolent.[..] But the sheer density and erratic energy is all Lopatin’s own” – Guardian
“[Good Time] moves smartly and propulsively to the stressed-out strains of Daniel Lopatin’s edge-of-a-heart-attack score” – New York Times
“Treads the line between crime thriller score and psychotropic trip” – The Wire
"A searing, striking set of compositions"– DJ Mag
“Lopatin has made some of the most confrontational, maximal and transformative electronic music of the past decade [...] a worthy addition to Oneohtrix Point Never’s near-faultless discography, and a record to cherish in its own right” – Line Of Best Fit